What to Look for When Purchasing Antiques or Vintage Items.


When Buying Antiques or Vintage Items The Buyer has a Multitude of Ways To Buy, Including Online Internet Auctions, Local Auction Houses, Newspaper, Classified Ads, Antique Dealers, Etc, Etc.


But there’s only one way not to buy your antiques and that’s …

Do Not Buy Antiques Unless You Know What You Are Buying. 


Purchasing antiques online is a great choice for most of the collectors nowadays but you should know about the online seller. Roadshow Collectibles is one of the best online antique sellers.


However, there is one...

Golden Rule When Buying Antiques. ‘Only Buy the Things You Like ‘and if You Don’t Like Them Please Don’t Buy, You Should Know The History Behind The Item that you Want to Purchase. 


Buy the antiques you can afford, and if it’s for your own personal use or collection, don’t worry too much about whether you have overpaid. The modern, probably inferior equivalent will cost a lot more anyway.


5 - Top Tips to Keep in Mind Before Buying Antiques.


1. When Buying Antiques, Always Ask for Discounts.

No matter where you buy from. Many professional dealers will have a code marked somewhere on the item that you’re interested in and this will tell them exactly how low they can go. Something like X10 or X50 could mean they will discount up to that figure or go as low as that figure. Use your own judgment and always ask.


2. Beware of Reproductions, Fakes, and Forgeries. 

They are very good and they are out there.


3. Always, Always, Always Handle The Item.

Get touchy-feely … Pick it up, put it down, pick it up again. Look at the bottom, the top, and the sides. Look from all angles and use a magnifier to see smaller imperfections.
Never be afraid to pick anything up in a shop, at an auction, on dealers stall or at any other sales event.


4. Never Pose as A Trade Buyer.

You may lose your consumer protection rights.


5. Never Offer Cash When Buying Antiques. 

Until you’ve agreed on a price for paying by cheque or credit card.

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