Art Deco Style.


In the 1920s and 30s, there was a monumental shift in consumer style.  Artists and designers were in demand, as lives were being restructured after the 1st world war.  There was a freedom of expression and desire for change. This allowed a broad new style that would affect architecture, interiors, and even fashion.


Art Deco became extremely popular as it was the art of living in a modern world.

The Paris Exhibition of 1925 only reinforced the popularity of this post-war style. Artists in France, as well as other European countries, worked in various applied arts, like textiles, glass, furniture, metalwork and more. This resulted in a recognizable, functional and sleek look. The Exhibition planted the seeds for this style to become popular internationally. 




Art Deco came out of various artistic movements like Cubism and Futurism. Geometric shapes are a characteristic of the Art Deco Style. Nature motifs like flowers or shells were transformed into geometric patterns. This was seen in wallpaper, curtains, and clothing.  Chrome, glass and stainless steel used in kitchenware, clocks, and sculpture.  Stylized images of cars, cruise liners and skyscrapers reflected the interests of the day.   Streamlined furniture and lighting with aerodynamic designs all produced a futuristic yet elegant effect.  

A visitor to Miami Beach Florida will experience Art Deco at every turn. It's pastel-painted linear hotels transport you right back to a time of swagger and jazziness that only Art Deco provides. Great Gatsby the movie will dazzle you with the luxuriant fashion and interior design. Simply a statue of a figure holding a sphere illustrates how appealing and special Art Deco is. What a moment in time when design and art merged to create a style that still inspires.

Click below - If you have any interest in the Art Deco period, here are some examples.

Clutch Purse,  Clutch Purse,  Clutch Purse,  Porcelain Figurine,  Porcelain Figurine,  Pocket Watch,  Earrings,  Necklace.

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