Marilyn Monroe


1950's Hollywood is remembered for its glamour and adventure. This was a time when edgier storylines and daring actors were emerging.


One of Hollywood's icons during the 1950s was Marilyn Monroe. 

Her breathless voice infused a dreamy quality to her work.  She put a rare playfulness into her pictures that left audiences spellbound.  

Her first serious acting job was The Asphalt Jungle from which she garnered a lot of positive attention.  During the 1950s she went on to star in a number of movies that became extremely popular.  She was often put in a comedic role as this is what the Motion Picture Studio wanted.  Notably, after a legal battle in 1955, she was able to gain more control over the type of work she would be part of.

Some of her movies from the 50s were: The Seven Year Itch, Niagara, and The Bus Stop. In 1959 she starred in Some Like it Hot, a movie that won her a Golden Globe award for Best Actress in a Comedy.  These movies are still extremely popular to this day. Movie Marathon anyone?

Not only as an actress but also a style icon, Marilyn crafted an image that was soft and vulnerable. Yet she was glamorous and exciting all at the same time. Like other actresses of her era, they seemed to the audience to be like flawless porcelain. A radiant star on the rise, but unfortunately Marilyn's health physically and emotionally was fragile. Her career and life were cut short, but she left a legacy in Hollywood that lives on. Her popularity continues to grow and although she is often imitated, there will only ever be one Marilyn Monroe.

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