The Rising Popularity of Jade



A month ago I discussed some buying tips for Jade and I mentioned that I would be posting a follow-up article.

I wanted to look at the rising popularity of Jade. Jade has been part of the Chinese decorative arts for generations. What about now? Jade's popularity has been steadily growing for the past 6 years. Hong Kong auction houses are seeing Jade sold at record prices and an increase in international buyers. Also at the Beijing Olympics jade was inlaid in the medals, highlighting its honour. Due to the fact that in China much more people are experiencing personal economic growth, the demand for Jade is extremely high.

Because there is not enough Jade domestically to satisfy the need, mining for Jade is receiving a boom. This is the case for the British Columbian mining industry. Northern British Columbia has estimated three-quarters of the world’s nephrite Jade. This is mainly done by small-scale mining operations. This allows some Jade to be locally carved and crafted into pieces. Also, this has made the stone more popular in Canada and many are seeking antique pieces as well. British Columbia is now a Jade hub. An unscripted television series called Jade Fever has also been produced. North Americans are increasing their appreciation for Jade.  




Jade enthusiasts prize it above gold and diamonds because of its animated allure. It is a symbol of purity, dignity, and beauty. The gift of Jade bestows more than something beautiful to look at, it symbolizes something honourable to the person who receives it. No doubt workmanship and sentimental attachment are part of Jade's increasing popularity. The future of this stone is very bright indeed.

Ann Boone

Click Here - To see more Examples of Jade.  


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