1885 Brothel Room Key Labeled "LIL'S HOUSE" Toast of The Barbary Coast

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1885 Brothel Room Key Labeled "LIL'S HOUSE" Toast of the Barbary Coast.


San Francisco, the Town of Calico, some of the structures still stand to date. Back to the town's operational years Lil's Saloon the town office the former home of Lucy Lane, which is now the main museum but was originally the town's post office and courthouse. This high-end area of San Francisco used to be full of prostitution and crime. It was named after an Irish immigrant, Colonel Michael Hayes, who allegedly duelled with pistols and supported slavery. He constructed a beautiful Victorian home in the 1880s for individuals to enjoy their vices, but he also had ulterior motives. The home was a bid to extend a streetcar line into the area.

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