Bugle Brass, Inscriptions US Regulation Made in The USA on The Bell.

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Bugle, Brass, with Inscriptions 'US Regulation Made in The USA' on The Bell, and 'Rexcraft' on The Mouthpiece.

US Regulation Trade name employed for domestic and imported bugles, meeting or surpassing military specifications. Numerous manufacturers and importers utilized this common identification for their instruments. Occasionally, imported bugles will identify the nation of origin on its mouthpiece receiver.

New York b1919-1933. Rexcraft was a bugle importer that began distributing “Official” bugles for the Boy Scouts of America in 1919. In 1933, Rexcraft was purchased by “Buglecraft.”

Item Code - MUS15B3432BAG

Width: 4 1/4"  Height: 5 1/2"  Depth: 17 1/4"  Weight: 498 g

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