Joseph Morgan Pewter Mug, Tulip Shape, Manchester England 19th Century

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Joseph Morgan Pewter Mug, The Classic Tulip Shape Used In England In The 19th Century, Joseph Morgan Pewterer Of Manchester Made Pewter Mugs From Circa 1828-1880. 


The earliest known pewter was made in China 2,000 years ago. But tin was used by the Egyptians as early as 3700 BC and is mentioned at least twice in the Bible. The Romans used pewter for seals of office and other small devices. The Roman occupation of Britain had much to do with securing the English tin, copper and lead mines of Cornwall. The greatest in the world at the time. Through the Middle Ages and Renaissance, tin, lead and copper continued to be England's major export, second only to wool. In 1290, Edward I had over 300 pewter dishes, salts, and platters. He seems to have had no silver plate at all. By 1390, pewter plates and utensils came into common use by the nobility and high churchmen in France.

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Width: 4 1/4"  Height: 3 7/8"  Depth: 3"  Weight: 250 g

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