ERTL San Francisco 49ERS Coin Bank Biplane Diecast Made In Mexico 1997

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ERTL Collectibles, 1931 Stearman Biplane, Goalline Stadium Biplane Classics, San Francisco 49ERS Coin Bank Biplane, Diecast, Banner That Reads GO 49ERS, Made In Mexico 1997. 

W. Britains Ltd. began their metal 'Model Home Farm' line of collectible cast figures, animals, and accessories in 1921 in an effort to improve their peacetime sales after the First World War. The line was originally introduced with 30 individually available pieces, including trees, shrubs and a farm cart available at price children could easily afford. The line was added to each year with the inclusion of more animals, village figures, including a 'village idiot' in 1926, and village clergy. Fox hunting figures and cast metal wall sections were added, and following changes in farm life, the first farm truck or 'lorry' was introduced in 1934. The range of animals and poses became quite large, at one point there were thirteen different rabbit poses, beehives, donkeys, blackbirds (crows?) and a range of other items. In 1948 the first model tractor was added.

The cast metal (lead-based) figures were sold from 1921 until 1966 when cast metal toys were discontinued. Beginning in 1955, Britains created a partnership with plastic toy maker Herald Ltd, completing a full merger in 1959, and the model home farm line was continued in injection moulded plastic. As fashions changed some lines evolved and some were discontinued, the fox hunting line ended production in 1966. In later years there was more focus on farm vehicles, and the animal range did not increase. The Britain family sold their ownership of the company in 1984. Ertl acquired the Britains line in 1997, mainly to accompany their line of metal farm equipment. A few plastic animal figures continue to be sold by Ertl. The Britains name continues with the production of a line of cast metal military miniatures by First Gear, but the range of farm figures has been reduced to a few items, mainly various herd animals.

Item Code - PIG7B340JDA

Width: 12"  Height: 3 1/4"  Depth: 8 1/4"  Weight: 643 g

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