Handheld Hair Clipper Model 105/Manufactured by John Oster MFG. Co.

  • $34.99 CAD

Handheld Hair Clipper Model 105, Manufactured by John Oster MFG. Co, Made in the U.S.A and Comes with the Original Box.

This company is better known for its small handheld power tools jigsaws, drills, circular saws, sanders, hair clippers, blenders, etc. But they qualify for inclusion in this index of woodworking machinery makers because they also made a lathe/drill press combination machine and a scroll saw.

This company was founded in 1924 to make a hand-operated hair clipper. After a lengthy period of diversification and expansion, in 1960 Oster became a wholly-owned subsidiary of Sunbeam Corp. of Chicago.

In the 1954 Oster acquired the assets of Wappat Inc, from Cummins-Chicago Corp.

Item Code - STR7C68C2REA

Width: 3 3/8"  Height: 4 3/8"  Depth: 2 5/8"  Weight: 114 g

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