June 26th 1902 Souvenir Tin For The Coronation Of Edward VII.

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June 26th 1902 Souvenir Tin For The Coronation Of Edward VII, Which Contained Rowntree Cocoa Chocolate.

Originally, His Coronation Day was Set For June 26, 1902, However, King Edward VII Became ill and The Ceremony Had To Be Cancelled and Rescheduled For August 9, 1902. 



In 1901, Queen Victoria died, having served as queen for sixty-three years. Her son, Albert Edward (1841-1910) became king in 1901 but was not crowned king until August 9, 1902.

Albert Edward (crowned King Edward VII) was born November 9, 1841, at Buckingham Palace, the oldest son of Queen Victoria and Albert of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha. During his mother's long reign, Albert Edward was Prince of Wales, and in that capacity, he was known to be social and outgoing and was well-received abroad. In 1863, he married Alexandra of Denmark and was the father of six children, three sons (including George V) and three daughters.

At the age of 59, Albert Edward became King Edward VII. Originally, his coronation day was set for June 26, 1902, however, a few days prior to the event, King Edward VII became ill and the ceremony had to be cancelled despite the number of international guests who had been invited. The coronation was rescheduled for August 9, 1902, and he was crowned by the Archbishop of Canterbury.

During his reign, King Edward VII was known for his participation in signing the Entente Cordiale which settled outstanding territorial disputes with France in 1904. In 1908, the Triple Entente was signed between Russia, France, and Britain. Acts providing more social services, including the Children's Act (establishing juvenile courts) and the Old Age Pensions Act (providing for elderly people with small incomes), were enacted during King Edward VII's reign.

King Edward VII died of pneumonia on May 6, 1910, at Buckingham Palace. He was succeeded by his son King George V.

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