Navajo, Sand Painting, Rain Dance, Signed.

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Navajo, Sand Painting, Rain Dance, Signed.


Sand painting, also called dry painting, type of art that exists in highly developed forms among the Navajo and Pueblo Indians of the American Southwest and in simpler forms among several Plains and California Indian tribes. Although sand painting is an art form, it is valued among the Indians primarily for religious rather than aesthetic reasons. Its main function is in connection with healing ceremonies.

Sand paintings are stylized, symbolic pictures prepared by trickling small quantities of crushed, coloured sandstone, charcoal, pollen, or other dry materials in white, blue, yellow, black, and red hues on a background of clean, smoothed sand. About 600 different pictures are known, consisting of various representations.

Item Code - VIS11D140FD

Width: 3"  Height: 6"  Depth: 7/16"  Weight: 103 g

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