Put It On Lay-Buy

Roadshow Collectibles Customers can now Put Their Purchases On a Lay-Away Plan. 




1. Check Out

Select Lay-Buy payment option at checkout.

2. Choose your Plan

Payment calculator makes it easy for you to set up your own payment plan.

3. Pay Down - Payment Only

Pay only down-payment portion amount.

4. Schedule Payments

Payments are then processed on the scheduled date YOU set.

5. Receive Merchandise

Receive the item or service shortly after your last payment.


Minimum Deposit Amount of 20%.

Maximum Deposit Amount of 50%.

Maximum Number of Months to Pay 3 Months.




1. Payment 

Method Consumer is presented PUT IT ON LAY-BUY powered by PayPal in Roadshow Collectibles check out, and selects method.

2. Confirm 

Order Consumer selects down-payment % to pay today, and how many months they want to pay off the balance.

3. PayPal 

The Consumer is taken to PayPal’s landing page, Consumer pays the down-payment today with their PayPal a/c or their credit card. PayPal then sets up the LAY-BUY payment plan, between Consumer and Roadshow Collectibles. PayPal then sends two email notifications to Roadshow Collectibles and Consumer. (One for the down-payment and another that a payment plan has been set up)


Note: If the Buyer does not have a PayPal a/c, They will Pay with Their Credit Card Today and a PayPal a/c is Set up for The LAY-BUY Payment Plan Payments.




4. Order Placed 

(pending) Down-Payment monies are paid into Roadshow Collectibles PayPal account. The order is placed in Roadshow Collectibles with status ‘pending’. LAY-BUY payment plan details are auto-populated the LAY-BUY within Roadshow Collectibles Store.

5. Payment Plan 

Cronjob fetches all the instalment payments on their due date from PayPal / Lay-Buys server and updates the payment plan in LAY-BUY from status ‘pending’ to ‘complete’. PayPal then sends an email notification to Roadshow Collectibles and Consumer for the payment.

6. Order Updated 

(Processing) Final instalment payment is paid in PayPal, fetched on the due date from PayPal / Lay-Buys server. Payment Plan profile is cancelled in PayPal so no more monies are auto-paid from Consumer’s PayPal account. Payment Plan in LAY-BUY is updated from status ‘pending’ to ‘complete’.



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