Wish List

Seamless Integration

Customers never have to leave the store, their wish list is there when they log in.

Items go in & out of the wish list as easily as the cart.

Navigate from the wish list right back to a collectible for purchase.

Share Wish List with Friends and Family

People do not need an account to view a shared wish list.

Customers can simply share their wish list link with anyone who has an email, all viewed right from within the store.

Customers can share wishlist on social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Wish list for guest users are not forced to log in, now users can just add collectibles to wishlist and later log in to save the wish list.

Notification about Wish List Collectibles

Customers will be able to enable the feature to receive notification about the change in the price of any collectible added to their wish list.



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