Alice Caviness Cameo Mother Of Pearl Brooch, Handmade, 12k Gold Filled

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Alice Caviness Cameo Mother Of Pearl Brooch, Oval In Shape, Profile Of a Woman, Hand Carved In Relief, Twisted 12k Gold Filled Frame, Background Different Shades Of Colour.


Alice Caviness, a fashion model who became a clothing designer, ventured into the Vintage costume jewellery business in 1945, just after the end of World War II. 

She was an impeccable dresser and had a definite flair for imaginative clothing and jewellery. She founded Caviness Jewelry with her husband, Jules Junquerra (who had first been in the lampshade business) and they made some pieces, commissioned others and also imported some of the jewellery from Europe. The pieces made in Europe were made of superior sterling and gold on sterling, enamels, and filigrees. These became an important part of the line, which also included costume jewellery made of rhinestone and beads. 

Alice Caviness was extremely involved in the design, production, and selection of the jewellery pieces that comprised Caviness Jewelry. 

Caviness costume jewellery is unusual and also very distinctive, as was Alice Caviness. She was a charming individual and very particular dresser, described as having a lilting southern drawl, and Americans and Europeans alike were quite taken with her.

Caviness vintage costume jewellery was typically constructed of complex, layered materials. These materials included sterling vermeil, enamels, cultured pearls and rhinestones and all sizes and colours, stones, beads, and hand-carved ivory. Many pieces had very striking colour combinations. Caviness pieces with a cross motif were popular, and a few were made of exotic materials, such as jade. The company also produced a number of cameo pieces. In the 1970s, 12 Karat gold-filled bangle bracelets were quite popular. Most of the pieces throughout the years required intricate handwork, setting stones or beads.

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Width: 1 1/8"  Height: 1 1/8"  Depth: 3/8"  Weight: 7 g

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