Ancient Roman Republic AR Silver Denarius, AU Almost Uncirculated.

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Ancient Roman Republic AR Silver Denarius, "Apollo & Jupiter in Quadriga," AU Almost Uncirculated.


The transition of Rome from a monarchy to a republic led to severe internal social tensions. This lack of control over the city led neighbouring tribes to siege the city and reduce its power. This is why Rome had to ratify its identity on numerous occasions during the first seventy years of the Republic.

The early years of the Republic are of political turmoil. The population was divided, certain wanted a monarchy, others a republic, others favoured the king of Clusium, Lars Porsenna, and others wanted to form part of the Latin civilization. The nobles who had overthrown the king and his family had not come to an agreement regarding the type of government that would replace the monarchy.

The consuls, which would later replace the leadership of the Roman kings, was not put in place immediately, but many years later.

Many historians believe that in the first stages of the Roman Republic, a praetor Maximus was appointed for one year only. Later his duties would be split in two by choosing two consuls at a time to govern Rome. This form of government went on until 449 BC, with the Valeria Horaria law.

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Within Coin Case - Width: 2"  Height: 3"  Weight: 33 g

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