Oriental Carved Bone Bracelet with Multiple Images.

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Oriental Carved Bone Bracelet with Multiple Images.

It is probable that prehistoric humans thought of decorating the body before they thought of making use of anything that could suggest clothing. Before precious metals were discovered, people who lived along the seashore decorated themselves with a great variety of shells, fishbones, fish teeth, and coloured pebbles. People who lived inland used as ornaments materials from the animals they had killed for food, reindeer antlers, mammoth tusks, and all kinds of animal bones. After they had been transformed from their natural state into various elaborate forms, these materials, together with animal skins and bird feathers, provided sufficient decoration.

Item Code - JEW11C424PVCZ3A2

Width: 1 1/4"  Length: 7 5/8"  Depth: 1/4"

Weight: 31 grams.

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