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Brazilian Amethyst Gemstone.

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Brazilian Amethyst Gemstone.

Amethyst comes from many different mining sources, some of which produce distinct colour styles. For example, Amethyst from Uruguay has a deep purplish-blue colour, as does Amethyst from Arizona. Amethyst from Russia, colloquially known as "Siberian Amethyst", is very deeply coloured with reddish and bluish tints. It originates from deposits that have since been exhausted and therefore command a high price. Some dealers may sell deeply coloured Amethyst from other locations as "Siberian Amethyst" to generate a higher selling value. African Amethyst is generally more deeply coloured than South American Amethyst, and the label "African Amethyst" in the gem trade may be improperly used to describe a deeper colour stone even if it didn't originate in Africa.

Item Code - GEM11C219BCAZ4C5

Length: 7/8"  Width: 9/16"  Depth: 3/4"  Carats: 30  Weight: 6 g

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