Cameo Carving/Women in Profile/Setting in Sterling Silver.

  • $119.99 CAD

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This Cameo has a Lovely Carving of a Women in Profile with Flowers in Her Hair and Flowers on Her Shoulder. The Setting is in Sterling Silver with Detailed Filigree Surrounding the Cameo. The Back has a Sliding Clasp Pin.

Have you ever held a cameo in your hand and felt the finely-carved lines with your finger?

If so, you understand that each and every cameo is a miniature work of art. Whether carved in carnelian shell or the rare sardonyx shell, mother-of-pearl or agate, cameos have an exquisite classic beauty that has held the attention of generations. 

Item Code - JEW11C100045ULAZ5A2

Width: 3/4"  Height: 1 1/8" 

Weight: 5 grams

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