Chile Token 1 Dollar 1904.

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Chile Token 1 Dollar 1904, with Inscriptions Compania De Salitres De Antofagasta on One Side, The Other Side, Has Three Large Letters C S A Overlapping Each Other, The Letters Translate in Spanish, Compania De Salitres De Antofagasta, Translated in English, Company of Salitres De Antofagasta, and Above The Letters Are Numbers Stamped 14030.


On October 20, 1904, a peace treaty between Chile and Bolivia delimited the boundary through 96 specified points between Cerro Zapaleri and Cerro Chipe. A provision was made in the treaty for demarcation and boundary pillars were erected shortly thereafter.

Chilean sovereignty was recognized by Bolivia over the territory from the ocean to the existing Argentine boundary between the 23rd and 24th parallels. Chile also recognized the right of Bolivia in perpetuity to commercial transit through its territory and ports, to be regulated by special agreements.

The Salas-Pinilla Protocol of 1907 made two modifications of the 1904 boundary, although ratifications of the protocol were not exchanged until 31 years later. A change was made between Cerro Chipapa and Volcan Olca in favour of Chile in order to keep the Collaguasi railroad, which connected with the Antofagasta-Uyuni railroad, entirely within Chilean territory. In return, a second change transferred a small parcel of Chilean territory to Bolivia between Cerro de Patalani and Alto de Pantalla.

In 1913, a railroad was completed between Arica and La Paz, which gave Bolivia access to the Pacific Ocean by means of a second railroad.

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