Chinese Porcelain Vase Blue & White, Staircase, House, and 2 Mountains

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Chinese Porcelain Vase with a Celadon Glazed Base and Neck, Beautiful Blue and White Scene Of a Long Staircase Leading To a House Nestled Between Two Mountains.


The Celadon Colour Is Classically Produced By Firing a Glaze Containing a Little Iron Oxide at a High-Temperature In a Reducing Kiln. The Materials Must Be Refined, as Other Chemicals Can Alter The Colour Completely. Pieces Made with a Celadon Glaze are Themselves Often Referred To as "Celadons."

Item Code - CER10E386CG

Width: 14 1/2"  Height: 36 1/4"  Depth: 14 1/2"  Weight: 20.411 kg

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