Old Primitive Cast Iron and Tin Harras 52 Manual Grater/Nut Spice Mill

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Old Primitive Cast Iron and Tin Harras 52, Made in Germany, Manual Grater/Nut Spice Mill, with Wooden Handle.

The first automatic mortar grinder was invented by F. Kurt Retsch in 1923, known as the "Retschmill". Mortar and pestles are still used in pharmacology today, primarily to grind powers in pharmacies.

Mortar and Pestles were described in the Ebers papyrus from Ancient Egypt, dating back to 1550BC. It is the oldest preserved piece of medical literature discovered. It is estimated that mortar and pestles were used for 6,000 years before this for food preparation, mostly for the grinding of spices. They are unique in that their design has largely remained unchanged over the last 10,000 years. They were also commonly used in Egypt for the grinding of cosmetics. Mortars and pestles are also mentioned in the Old Testament, they were an essential tool of civilizations everywhere.

Item Code - KIT7C92DYA

Width: 5 1/2"  Height: 13 1/2"  Depth: 9 1/8"  Weight: 1.494 kg.

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