Coleman Steam Iron, Water Reservoir, Baby Blue, Made In The USA.

  • $59.99 CAD

Coleman Steam Iron with Inscriptions, Trademark Reg, Coleman, Made In the USA, Comes With Water Reservoir, Handle and Body Baby Blue In Colour.


Another category of antique pressing irons is fuel irons, antique irons that were heated by gasoline, kerosene, alcohol, natural gas, carbide-acetylene, or over a gas-jet or lamp, etc. Perhaps the best known and most commonly found or offered for sale of this style of iron is the blue enamel Coleman gasoline iron. In addition to making lanterns, Coleman made a myriad of models of fuel irons, many of them in assorted enamel coloured finishes. Blue is by far the most commonly seen colour, but Coleman also made irons in many other colours that are much more desirable, turquoise, red, green, tan, etc. Other manufacturers made coloured enamel irons as well that are also eagerly sought. The tan or beige coloured gas iron made by the American Machine Co. and an enamelled gas iron called the Sunshine was produced in a beautiful burgundy colour. These irons range in value in good+condition from as low as $60 or so for a blue Coleman in typical used condition to several hundred dollars for an unusual colour iron in pristine condition in its original box with accessories. 

Item Code - TOO7C2801CMA

Width: 10 1/2"  Height: 7"  Depth: 4 1/8"  Weight: 2.496 kg

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