Creel Fishing Basket.

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Creel Fishing Basket.

A creel is a woven basket that was used to hold fish in while a fisherman was out on the banks of a river or more specifically while wading in the stream or small river.  Some even had either single or double pockets attached to the front that could carry fly wallets and spare leaders leaving the original space in the basket to carry fish. In an effort to preserve the trout population, “catch and release” came into fashion and the fishing creel is no longer utilized to hold fish so it has now become treasured for its artistic appeal. Webster traces the word “Creel” or “a wickerwork receptacle” to Middle English and dates it from about 1250 A.D. to 1450 A.D.

In the late 17th century creels made entirely of leather came into fashion.  Later in the late 1800s, willow and wicker creels started to show up with leather applied to them, which was used to help reinforce them. At this time, the majority of the Creels were being manufactured in Japan along with China and Korea and imported into the United States.

One of the most important more leather of creels was the George Lawrence Company headquartered in Portland, Oregon. W. H. McMonies & Company, John Clark Saddlery Company, E. P. Peters Company, Joseph Schnell, K. G. McKeeman (Kenns), Frisbee and A. E. Nelson Leather Company were other leatherers that have produced exceptional leathered Creels, which have become highly collectable.

Item Code - MIS1B229HAE

Width: 15"  Height: 8"  Depth: 8"  Weight: 608 g

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