Fortune Beast Pot, Sculpture In Bronze, Chinese.

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Fortune Beast Pot, Sculpture In Bronze, Chinese.


The earliest Chinese bronzes were made by the method known as piece-mould casting as opposed to the lost-wax method, which was used in all other Bronze Age cultures. In piece-mould casting, a model is made of the object to be cast, and a clay mould taken of the model. The mould is then cut in sections to release the model, and the sections are reassembled after firing to form the mould for casting. If the object to be cast is a vessel, a core has to be placed inside the mould to provide the vessel’s cavity. The piece-mould method was most likely the only one used in China until at least the end of the Shang dynasty. An advantage of this rather cumbersome way of casting bronze was that the decorative patterns could be carved or stamped directly on the inner surface of the mould before it was fired. This technique enabled the bronzeworker to achieve a high degree of sharpness and definition in even the most intricate designs.

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Width: 3 7/8"  Height: 9 3/8"  Depth: 7"  Weight: 1.964 kg

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