Hand Carved White Jade Pendant, Two Dragons Intertwined Together.

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Pendant, Hand Carved White Jade Pendant, Scene Two Dragons Intertwined Together.


The dragon is a deep-rooted symbol in Chinese culture, as they originally believed that their entire population had descended from dragons. As a prominent symbol of good fortune, the creature represents prosperity, abundance, fertility, and wisdom. The Chinese depict the dragon with a snake-like body, four short legs and no wings, even though it is still believed that they can fly.

The Emperor was thought of like a dragon in his country because of his great power and desire to always be victorious. The beast was adopted as a symbol of royalty and has been included in many architectural structures and decorative items throughout the country’s history.

Item Code - JEW4B1522HAE

Width: 2 3/4"  Height: 2 3/4"  Depth: 1/4"  Weight: 47 g

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