Jade Pendant of a Chinese Phoenix.

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Jade Pendant of a Chinese Phoenix.

“Emperor of all birds” and symbolizes warmth, peace, and prosperity.

Buddhists consider the Phoenix a sacred bird since it is not a flesh-eating predator. While the Phoenix is often mentioned in myth, scholars cannot decide whether the bird was meant to refer to a real bird, and, if so, which one. Some think it was actually a peacock or an argus pheasant; artists have represented it as both. The bird is sometimes identified as the Red Bird.

Green is the most traditional and expensive colour for Jade. The green colour varies from pale or yellowish green to Granny Smith apple green, its best colour.

Item Code - JEW4B1521HAE

Width: 2 1/4"  Height: 4 1/8"

Weight: 43 g

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