Katana Sword, Made In China, 440 Stainless, Bamboo Sheath & Handle.

  • $99.99 CAD

Katana Sword, 39 1/2" Long, Made In China, 440 Stainless Steel, Bamboo Sheath and Handle, Chinese Inscription On The Blade.

Two Pieces available, Purchase 1 Or 2.

Bamboo is abundant in China and used for various purposes, including sheaths, Bamboo is lightweight, flexible, and sustainable. Bamboo can be yellow or pale depending on the type. Bamboo sheaths are less common but can be suitable for certain swords. Bamboo is split, shaped, and lacquered to create a functional and visually appealing saya. Remember that the choice of wood can vary based on the craftsman’s preferences, regional traditions, and the desired style.

Item Code: MIL8B2232CMA

[Each] Length: 39 1/2"  [Each] Height: 7/8" [Each] Depth: 1 3/8" [Each] Weight: 802 g

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