Kennedy Half Dollar, Silver, 1967.

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Kennedy Half Dollar, Silver, 1967.


The U.S. Mint continued the ban on mintmarks into 1967, creating a situation for coin collectors where there would be no distinct way to tell Philadelphia-mint coins apart from those made at Denver or San Francisco. That didn’t deter coin collectors from acquiring the best examples of new coins from 1967, nor did it stop the hoarding of silver coins, which still circulated into the late 1960s, but at much smaller numbers than had been the case at the start of the decade.

1967 Kennedy half dollars are extremely difficult to find in circulation today, as their 40 per cent silver composition prompted hoarding early on, and they are therefore quite difficult to find in pocket change or even in bank coin rolls.

Item Code - CUR1E290FDZ9C4

Width: 1 3/16"  Height: 1 3/16"  Depth: 1/8"  Weight: 12 g

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