Victorian Era Ladies Black Leather High Top Boots.

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Victorian Era Ladies Black Leather High Top Boots with Numbers Stamped on Inner Boot  275 136 450V. 

Boots history can be traced back to very ancient times. Boots became famous with both the genders in the Victorian era. These boots are referred to as Victorian boots, granny boots, gothic boots or witch boots. By mid-1800, the boots became the most popular form of footwear worn by both men and women.

Women's Boots were form-fitting, comfortable and draw attention to the women’s calf and offered good support to the ankles. The ankles were basically covered to protect them from being looked at by men but the intricate tight lacing on the ankle boots had a titillating effect.

Queen Victoria made the high front laced boots more popular when she starting wearing them at the Balmorals. The two-toned lace-up boot is known as Balmorals.

victorian boots

Width: 3" [each]   Height: 10 3/4" [each]   Depth: 11" [each]

Weight: 234 g [each]

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