Mercury Dime Silver 1918 'D'.

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Mercury Dime Silver 1918 'D'.


Despite its high mintage, the 1918-D dime is common only in grades below Very Fine. Better circulated examples and Mint State pieces are scarce, with gems being very elusive.

Most 1918-D dimes reveal the weakness of strike, especially at their peripheries. Full Band examples are very difficult to locate in any grade. Another issue with Denver Mint coins from the late 1910s and early '20s, albeit one that does not affect grading, is the prevalence of multiple die cracks. This problem is seen across all denominations and suggests that the Denver Mint failed to properly harden its dies or anneal its planchets. 

Item Code - CUR1E49BREAZ9A6

Width: 2"  Height: 2"  Weight: 5 g

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