Model Cannon, Cast Iron.

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Model Cannon, Cast Iron.

Philadelphia helped define the toy industry in the United States with simple yet engaging toys that became beloved by generations. Although social, cultural, and economic changes produced challenges for the industry, a few iconic toys stood the test of time and continued to promote imagination, creativity, and discovery for people of all ages.

A blank and white print of the Franics, Field, and Francis storefront.

The company Francis, Field, and Francis, at 80 N. Second Street, began manufacturing toys in Philadelphia in 1838. 

Philadelphia’s first toy manufacturer, among the first in the United States, opened in 1838 on North Second Street, between Race and Arch Streets. Francis, Field, and Francis, commonly known as the Philadelphia Tin Toy Manufactory, advertised imported French and German toys but also produced what is believed to be the first manufactured toy in the United States, a horse-drawn fire apparatus.

Item Code - TOY7B260SPA

Width: 5 1/4"  Height: 3 3/4"  Depth: 10 1/4"  Weight: 937 g

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