Morgan 1883 'CC' Silver Dollar, Carson City.

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Morgan 1883 'CC' Silver Dollar, Carson City.


You may know Carson City as the capital of Nevada … or for its rowdy, wild-west reputation as a  boomtown after the 1859 discovery of the legendary Comstock Lode’s silver bonanza!

But you may not realize that it’s also the birthplace of one of America’s most coveted silver coins: the "CC" Morgan Silver Dollar!

Finding any Morgan with a "CC" mintmark today is about as easy as finding buried treasure in your backyard! Here’s why:

While most of the Comstock’s silver was shipped to U.S. Mints in Philadelphia and San Francisco, a tiny number of these big silver "Cartwheels" were struck at the branch mint right in Carson City – but that was still just 2% of ALL Morgan Silver Dollars ever minted!

And to make matters worse, millions of Morgans from all three mints were melted down for their silver content between 1918 and 1965.  In fact, it’s estimated that as few as 15% of the Morgan Silver Dollars EVER minted still remain for avid collectors!

So finding any quantity of scarce Carson City Morgan Silver Dollars won’t get any easier in the years to come.

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