Sterling Silver Necklace by Godfrey Carter Designer.

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Sterling Silver Necklace with Inscription 925 GC, Stands for Godfrey Carter Designer.

People have linked silver to luxury for decades the phrase "silver spoon" is associated with wealth for a reason. 

Sterling silver 92.5% silver, 7.5% other metal alloys (usually copper) brings the tradition of luxurious silver to jewellery. 

Some people think sterling silver is only for earrings. Others think that it's just a cheap alternative to white gold.

In fact, sterling silver is used in every type of jewellery imaginable to create looks that can be both timeless and trendy. 

Modern jewellery designers are flocking to this noble metal because it's the perfect combination of malleability, beauty, and durability. 

Whether you're looking for everyday accessories or a timeless statement piece, you'll probably find sterling silver jewellery that seems like it's been tailored to your personal tastes. 

Item Code - JEW11C164HAEZ11

Length: 16 1/2" [unlatched]   Height: 5 3/4" [worn length]

Weight: 38 g 

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