Porcelain Jewellery Box, Cameo, Oval Floral Relief Design, Gold Leaves

  • $149.99 CAD

Porcelain Jewellery Box, Cameo Center, Surrounded By a Finely Hand Painted Colourful Oval Floral Relief Design, The Rest Of The Jewellery Box Is Hand Painted with Gold Leaves.


Iconic Trends Have a way Of Resurfacing Through The Centuries, and The Cameo Is a Perfect Example.

Experts Say That The Jewellery Style Enjoyed The Greatest Popularity During The Roman Era, The Renaissance and The 19th Century. 

“The Cameo, Perhaps More Than any Other Form Of a Jewel, Has Been appreciated as a work Of Art and an Object Of Virtue Since Ancient Times Through To The Renaissance Era and The Neo-Classical Period.”

Item Code - JEW6C479HAB

Width: 4 3/4"  Height: 2 1/2"  Depth: 4"  Weight: 440 g

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