Hard to Find Large Goebel Porcelain Stylized Bee Horn Sheep Ram.

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Very Rare, Extremely Hard to Find, Large Goebel Porcelain Stylized Bee Horn Sheep Ram.

Franz D. Goebel and his son William Goebel founded their porcelain factory Goebel in 1861, located in Oeslau, Thüringia, Germany to produce porcelain and earthenware objects. By 1893 the company was owned solely by William, who changed the name to William Goebel Porzellanfabrik. About 1893 Goebel also began producing fine bisque dolls of all kinds; small all bisque dolls, bisque Dolly Face shoulder or socket heads on kid or composition jointed bodies, bent limb character Baby dolls, half dolls, bathing beauties, ballerinas, Bécassine dolls.  Goebel is probably best known today for their Hummel figurines and other porcelain objects.  

Early Goebel objects were marked with a triangle and half moon symbol, after 1900 they began using a crown above the WG initials, as shown below. Goebel also supplied Max Handwerck with some bisque Bébé Elite doll heads.

Item Code - CER4C25OAC

Width: 2"  Height: 4 3/4"  Depth: 7"

Weight: 298 grams.

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