Dark Green Ladies Stingray Hide Clutch Purse Wallet.

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Dark Green Ladies Stingray Hide Clutch Purse Wallet with Multiple Sections. 

Stingray Leather which is a resilient and unique material compared to almost any other type of hiding out there.

Given the rigidity of tanned stingray skin, and its resistance to puncturing, tearing, scratching, and water damage, these hides are perfect for hard-use handbags that have a hard case style.

The innumerable bumps on stingray skin that resemble tiny beads and the diamond-shaped pattern on the back of each hide help make these skins incredibly distinct, even among exotic leather hides.

Item Code - JEW1C379WAR

Width:7 1/2"  Height: 4"  Depth: 1"

Weight: 211 g

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