Roman Intaglio Sardonyx Gemstone Zeus Seated Holding Sceptre and Eagle

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Roman Intaglio, Biconvex Sardonyx Gemstone, Figure Of Zeus Seated Holding a Sceptre and at His Feet an Eagle, 2nd To 3rd Century AD.


A Carved Intaglio Ring was Once Worn By Every Powerful Businessman In The Roman Empire, So He Might Authenticate Documents By Stamping It Into a Hot Wax Seal. In Our Digital Age, They are Prized as Talismans, and Prices Can Be Surprisingly Accessible.

This Piece Came From a Private Collection, London, UK, Acquired Bonhams, May 2012, Sale 20164, Lot 286, Ex Swift Collection Before 1970.

The Sardonyx Is a Gemstone That has Been Prized For Its Beauty and Rumoured Metaphysical Properties For Thousands Of Years. Its Name Is Derived From The Greek Words "Sard," Meaning a Reddish-Brown, and "Onyx," Meaning Veined Gem.

Sardonyx Gemstone, The Colours Can Vary From Black, White, Grey, Purple, Brown, Red, Yellow, Green and Blue, The Best Stones are Found In India.

Item Code - JEW2D434TA

Width: 3/8"  Length: 1/2"  Weight: 1 g

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