Modern Commemoratives 1988 D Olympics Proof Silver Dollar Coin.

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Modern Commemoratives 1988 D Olympics Proof Silver Dollar Coin.

The summer games of the 24th Olympiad were held in Seoul, South Korea in 1988. Though the USA did not host any of the events, the issuance of commemorative coins was justified as a means of raising money for training our athletes. This argument did not convince everyone, and there was some considerable protest among hobby figures that this program was inappropriate and exploitative of collectors. Nevertheless, a bill was passed October 28, 1987, that authorized the coining of not more than ten million silver dollars and not more than one million gold half eagles. In addition to whatever price the U. S. Mint determined for these coins, surcharges of $7 and $35, respectively, were to be applied to each silver dollar and half eagle sold. This money would be forwarded to the United States Olympic Committee.

Item Code - CUR1E277BDA

Coin - Width: 1 3/4" Height: 1 3/4" Depth: 

Weight: 35 g

Within Case - Width: 6" Height: 3 1/2" Depth: 7/8"

Weight: 136 g

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