Weeden Model #238 Tinplate Steam Engine Toy.

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Weeden Model #238 Tinplate Steam Engine Toy.


This Toy Steam Engine was Manufactured By The Weeden Manufacturing Company Of New Bedford, Massachusetts From 1894 Until 1933. The Engine Is a Weeden Model Number 238 and Consists Of a Vertical Firebox and Brass Boiler On a Tinplate Base.

Most Stationary Steam Engines Drove Flywheels that Would Be attached To Other accessories With Belts, Driving The Workings On The accessory. Factories, Windmills and Other Novelty Movements Can Be Found. Tinplate Toys are Desirable To Tinplate Collectors.

Item Code - TOY7B3441JDA

Width: 5"  Height: 12 1/2"  Depth: 5"  Weight: 459 g

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