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Witte Hardware Bone Handle Straight Razor with Original Box.

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Witte Hardware Bone Handle Straight Razor with Original Box.

The Witte Group History

In the course of time the K.R. Witte GmbH & Co. KG bought many companies and reactivated and carried on their labels.

2014 -

Purchase of the brands Lerche and Magna under Peiniger.

Movement within Solingen to the new location "Beethovenstraße 183".

2007 -

The takeover of Peiniger GmbH with FLIG.

2006 -

Development and production of hair knife Click-n Cut with patented blade system.

2001 -

Innovative new product development in the field of high-quality hairdressing scissors like the EX 1, the first hairdressing scissors with an "active cut".

1999/2000 -

Successful Market placement of Millennium-Series in the categories "Hair + Pet" as the premium line.

1997/98 -

Fusion of the companies K.R. Witte and Daniel Peres, Implementation of newest Computer technologies in production and organization; Intensification of the fields research and development, such as quality assurance and -management.

1994 -

Integration of the division "PET-Scissors" and beginning of the development of market leadership.

1982 - 1992 -

Acquisition of the company Fritz Koeller (Kismet-Thinnigtool) and Fischer was Rationalization and reorganization, Reactivation of the Labels.

1972 - 1981 -

The assumption of the companies Dirlams and Daniel Peres and centralization of the headquarters; Worldwide established label manufacturer for hairdressing scissors.

1970 -

Foundation of the sole proprietorship Kurt - Reiner Witte, Solingen.

1792 -

In 1792 DANIEL PERES - Founder of one of the oldest industrial cutlery factories - put the foundation for a global enterprise in Solingen. Innovation, quality, and trade skills are the success determining factors.

Item Code - STR7C326PVC

Length: 6 1/4"  [retracted]  9 1/2"  [extended]  Width: 7/8"  Depth: 1/4"

Weight: 40 g

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