Tiger, Natural Shoushan Stone, Hand Carved, Asian.

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Tiger, Natural Shoushan Stone, Hand Carved, Asian.


After years of mining, the supply of Shoushan stones, which cannot be found anywhere else in the world, has almost dried up, further fanning speculation. The market value of Shoushan stones is said to have jumped 10-20 times over the past decade, and much more so for rare pieces done by famous sculptors.

Located in the mountainous northern suburbs of Fuzhou, the capital city of Fujian province, the region is known as Shoushan (Longevity mountains), with its peaks of over a thousand meters, is like a fairyland, charming and beautiful. Deposited within these mountains is a lovely and precious material, Shoushan stone. Treasured for its attractive colours and alluring textures, in appearance varying from the subtly exquisite to the dazzlingly gorgeous, this stone can be fashioned into objects ranging from the sublimely simple to the remarkably resplendent. Shoushan stone has long been cherished in China, especially by calligraphers (often also painters) involved in the creation of seals (a.k.a. “chops”). In “A Poem Celebrating Shoushan Stone,” Gao Shinong (1916–1988), an expert in seal cutting, praises its beauty across the millennia. “The excellent stone of Shoushan has the sleek quality of jade, with magnificent colour, blue-green, yellow, red and white. Since the Southern Dynasties (420–589) it has been honoured far and near, both in seal carving and sculpture lapidary marvels have emerged.

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Width: 8 3/4"  Height: 4 1/4"  Depth: 3"  Weight: 1.048 kg

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