Terms of Sale


Terms of Sale

All Items are “As-Is”



Each item is offered for sale subject to the terms set out below: posted in writing on our website. No other communications by any employee of Roadshow Collectibles are intended to be binding, and such communications are made for informational purposes only. By buying through the website the buyer agrees to be bound by these terms or those changed and supplemented, whether bidding in person, through a representative, by phone, or by the internet.
Upon payment, the successful purchaser becomes the buyer and owner of the property and is responsible for the property once they receive it, the purchase price, applicable taxes and other charges provided for in the terms of sale in Canadian dollars, are payable immediately.
Roadshow Collectibles retains all rights to photographs and other intellectual property contained on this website.
Roadshow Collectibles will have the sole and exclusive power and authority to a) resolve any disputes between the seller and buyer on consignment, b) reject or challenge purchase, c) exclude any buyer from purchasing items online through our site.
Taxes: You must pay any government taxes where applicable. Billing: All successful buyers will be sent confirmation invoices by e-mail.
Methods of Payment and Fees: cash, money order, Visa, Mastercard, Discover, Paypal.
We reserve the right to hold all goods paid for by money order until payment has cleared.
Payment is not received within fifteen (15) days, Roadshow Collectibles reserves the right to impose from the date of sale a late charge of 1 1/2 per cent a month of the total purchase price and deny all future business dealings.


Payment, Collection and Shipping Responsibilities of Buyer

Buyer Obligations: Upon payment, title to the property immediately transfers to the successful purchaser who, in turn, becomes the buyer of the property. The buyer immediately assumes full risk and responsibility for the purchased property, including all costs and expenses of handling, shipping, insurance, taxes, export, and otherwise, and is liable for the full purchase price, applicable taxes, and any other associated expenses.


The Collection of Property and Storage Charges

The buyer will pay for the purchased property immediately and arrange to have it shipped with the buyer’s shipping agent when the fund's clear Roadshow Collectibles account. We are not responsible for any damage or loss on property purchased but not removed from premises. If the seller doesn’t get in touch with the shipper’s agent, to pay for and arrange for shipping, the purchased property may be removed after thirty (30) days of the sale, the buyer will thereafter be assessed a $10 per lot storage charge per day. Roadshow Collectibles may, at its discretion, remove the purchased Property to public storage at the buyer’s risk and expense. All associated charges will be added to the total invoice and must be paid in full before the property will be released to any party.

The buyer is responsible for the shipment of all purchased property. We will work with our shipper. Our shipper carries insurance. We are not responsible for any damage or loss that occurs while your objects are in another’s care. We will also not be responsible for any damage or loss that occurs if you choose a shipping method that we have advised against and we will require a waiver from you acknowledging this.

Roadshow Collectibles will give your property to our third-party shipper. This company will pack and ship or arrange shipment for you via Canada Post, FedEx, UPS or another carrier, fully insured, for a fee payable in advance to the shipper. Shipments are made within a few days after payment has been received.

All international customs, duties, and other tariffs are the responsibility of the buyer. Roadshow Collectibles and its third-party shipper will declare the selling price as the value in all cases.


Buyer Default


If any of the Terms of Sale are not fully complied with by the buyer, the buyer will be in default without need of notice by Roadshow Collectibles. The buyer shall be liable to Roadshow Collectibles for the total purchase price, including all charges and expenses specified in the Terms of Sale. Interest shall accrue at the rate of 18 per cent per annum commencing with the date of purchase. In addition to other remedies available to the Roadshow Collectibles by law, Roadshow Collectibles may, at its option, a) cancel the sale on which the buyer defaulted and of any other items sold to the defaulting buyer on our website and retain as liquidated damages all payments made by the buyer, b) resell the purchased property, or c) pursue any combination of a) and b) above. In event of default, the buyer will be responsible to Roadshow Collectibles for any deficiency, any and all costs, and expenses, including reasonable legal fees, collection fees and expenses, late charges, and other damages. Roadshow Collectibles may, at its discretion, apply any proceeds of sale otherwise due to the buyer or monies of the buyer in Roadshow Collectibles possession to reduce or satisfy the buyer’s obligations.


Warranties and Guarantees

All items are served “As-Is” except as expressly stated otherwise in the product description.
All information on the website is provided to the best of our ability. It is up to the buyer to carefully consider all the factors before purchase as well as review the given pictures of the item they are purchasing. The buyer is responsible for their purchases.
This warranty does not cover any description that states there is a conflict of specialist opinion; any description that is described “As-Is “ and ”not guaranteed.” 
We are not responsible for any typographical errors.
The description of jewelry, is rendered an opinion, including, but not limited to, specialist opinion as to authenticity, the enhancement or treatment of gemstones, the weight of gemstones, the country of origin, the authorship or origin (manufacture) of an item, its period (or c.) or the authenticity of  its marks.
Roadshow Collectibles is not responsible for any watch that is not in working condition or without defects, restorations, or working parts.
All measurements are approximate.
Neither the consignor nor Roadshow Collectibles makes any warranty or representation, express or implied, as to whether a buyer will acquire any reproduction rights, copyrights or other intellectual property rights in, or with respect to, the property. The buyer is responsible for knowing what they are purchasing.
Roadshow Collectibles makes no warranties, express or implied, as to the merchantability or fitness for purpose except as otherwise expressly stated in these Terms of Sale.
All items are served “As-Is.” The buyer acknowledges and expressly agrees that the provisions of the paragraph state the sole and exclusive remedy available to a buyer in the event of nonconformity in property purchased.


Rescission by Roadshow Collectibles

In the event Roadshow Collectibles receives notice of an adverse claim with respect to purchased property, the buyer must contact the shipper. Roadshow Collectibles shall have the right (but not the obligation), in its sole and absolute discretion, to rescind the sale to the buyer, upon written notice to the buyer. Upon such notice, the buyer will promptly return the purchased property to Roadshow Collectibles’ premises in the same condition as when purchased.


Governing Law and Forum for Disputes

The laws of Ontario shall govern the sales of Roadshow Collectibles. You agree to our terms and conditions.


Limitations of Liability

Roadshow Collectibles acts only as the agent for the buyer and in no event will be liable for any breach or default by the consignor.


Addendum to Terms of Sale

Coins and currency grading are not an exact science. It is a matter of opinion as to condition and other attributes. Because of this, grading can and will differ among third-party grading services (even though consensus grading is employed by most), independent experts, dealers, collectors and auction houses, including our own. Due to the subjectivity of coin and currency grading, a given piece evaluated twice by the same expert may be assigned a different grade each time. Opinion as to the Grading, condition or other attributes of any property may have a material effect on value.

Therefore all coins and currency are served “As-Is,” by Roadshow Collectibles except as to authenticity, as expressly stated in the Terms of Sale.

  • Referencing the opinion of a third-party grading service

  • With no reference to the opinion of a third-party grading service

  • With reference to the opinion of Auction House as to grading

  • Subsequently submitted to a third-party grading service for determination or certification

Roadshow Collectibles will not be liable for any patent or latent defect or controversy pertaining to or arising from any encapsulated coins or currency. In any such instance, purchaser’s remedy, if any, shall be solely against the service certifying. Pictures may not be to scale or reflect the depicted property’s actual size.



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