Roadshow Collectibles will not be liable for physical damage, or loss to the property as referred to in, and incorporated into the agreements between you and Roadshow Collectibles.


DEFINITIONS In These Terms and Conditions

1 “Roadshow Collectibles” means Roadshow Collectibles Ltd.

2 “Seller” means the owner of the property or if not the owner, the Owner’s Agent.

3 “Owner’s Agent” (if applicable) means the person acting as an agent on behalf of the owner of the property (excluding Roadshow Collectibles).

4 “Agreement” means the agreement between you and Roadshow Collectibles in respect to the sale or another handling of property in Roadshow’s care, custody, and control.

5 “You” and/or “Seller” have the meanings given to them in the Agreement.

6 “Property” means an item of property to be offered for sale (or two or more items of property to be offered for sale as a group) as listed or referenced in the Agreement.



Roadshow Collectibles Shall Not Be Under Any liability for Loss, Damage or Expense Attributable to or Caused By

1. The willful misconduct by you, the seller and/or the owner’s agent.

2. Insufficiency or unsuitability of packing or preparation of the property.

3. Wear, tear, gradual deterioration.

4. Changes in atmospheric conditions. We will not be liable for any physical loss or damage to any lot caused by climatic or atmospheric conditions beyond our control as long as the shipper takes reasonable care and skill in handling the property to reduce the risk of physical loss or damage.

5. We will not be liable for any physical loss or damage for any items sold on our site.



If Physical loss of, or damage to, the property is recoverable under these terms and conditions, and the property is a pair or set, Roadshow Collectibles is not liable.



Where a claim is made for the complete physical loss of the property, it is the responsibility of the buyer to deal with the shipper directly. Roadshow Collectibles assumes no liability. Roadshow Collectibles accepts no title to goods that were issued to the shipper.



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