2000-D Sacagawea Dollar Brilliant Uncirculated.

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2000-D Sacagawea Dollar Brilliant Uncirculated.

Embossed LIBERTY, IN GOD WE TRUST, Right Profile Of Sacagawea a Native American Woman and Her Baby, 2000 D. Reverse Side Embossed, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, E PLURIBUS UNUM, Flying Eagle, 17 Stars around Rim, ONE DOLLAR.  


Even Though She was Pregnant with Her First-Child, Sacagawea was Not afraid. She was Only 16 Years Old and The Only Female In an Exploration Group Of More Than 45 People, She was Ready To Courageously Make Her Mark In American History. Born To a Shoshone Chief around 1788, Sacagawea Had Been Kidnapped By an Enemy Tribe when She was about 12, Then Sold To a French-Canadian Trapper. When He was Hired as a Guide For Lewis and Clark’s Expedition In 1804, Sacagawea also Joined as an Interpreter To Talk To Native American People On Their 8,000-Mile Journey. Lewis and Clark Believed That Her Knowledge Of The Shoshone Language would Help Them Later In Their journey. In February 1805, Sacagawea Gave Birth To a Son Named Jean Baptiste Charbonneau.

Sacagawea Left The Group To Return To what Is Now Bismarck, South Dakota, Before The Triumphant Return Of Lewis and Clark To St. Louis, Missouri, In 1806. She Received No Pay For Her Services and Died On December 20, 1812. But Sacagawea’s Bravery and Skill Live On In The Expedition’s Journals, which are Full Of Praise For The 16-Year-old Shoshone Girl who Guided The Most Famous American Expedition Of all Time.

Introduced In The 2000 Millennium Year, The Compact Sacagawea Dollar Promised To Revive The $1 Coin In Commerce. Its Bright Golden Colour Made It Easily Distinguishable From The Quarter, as The Short-Lived Susan B. Anthony Dollar Had Not Been. But The Coin Did Not Catch On with The Public and Now Sacagawea Dollars are Only Minted In Limited Numbers For Collectors. This was Minted at The Denver Mint.

Item Code - CUR1E85071502POL

Within Case - Width: 2 1/2"  Height: 3 1/4"  Depth: 3/8"  Total Weight: 29 g

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