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Amedeo Modigliani Abstract Oceania Sculpture, African Female Head.

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Abstract Female Head By Amedeo Modigliani, Oceania Sculpture, African Female, Statue Replica.


At a young age, Modigliani went to the marble-quarries in Carrara to learn the skills of sculpting. Later, he became fascinated by the traditional sculptures of Africa and Oceania. These influences are instantly recognizable in this head carved from stone. It is a sanctuary portrait, its shape determined by the perfect vertical lines. It has a meditative and sacred appearance and in this respect, it has links with Modigliani's Hebrew background. This abstract head by Modigliani has the look of stone. It shows an early 20th-century sculptor's interest in the beauty of a simplified form. 

Item Code - CER3B2505QAHC

Width: 1 3/8"  Height: 6"  Depth: 2"  Weight: 218 g

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