Amber Glass Bottle, Pressed Glass, Late 1800's.

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Amber Glass Bottle, Pressed Glass, Late 1800's.


Given The Characteristics Of This Bottle, It Likely Dates From The Last Two Decades Of The 19th Century, This Is a Large "Utility" Type Bottle, Utility Meaning Of a Style That was Used For a Multitude Of Products, Could Have Been used For Many Types Of Liquid Products, Pharmaceuticals, Ammonia or Other Cleaning Products, Acids and Chemicals Of All Types as Well as Liquor, Maple Syrup, or Anything That Could Be Poured Into and Out Of.

Amber Glass Is The Name Of any Glassware with The Proper Yellow-Brown Shading. It was a Popular Colour Just after The Civil War and Many Pressed Glass Pieces were Made Of Amber Glass. Depression Glass Of The 1930s-1950s was Also Made In Shades Of Amber Glass.

Item Code - GLA5C2652HAE

Width: 5 3/4"  Height: 14"  Depth: 5 3/4"  Weight: 1.594 kg

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