Amethyst Pressed Glass Candy Jar and Lid Deep Purple Diamond Pattern.

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Amethyst Pressed Glass Candy Jar and Lid, Pedestal Compote, Deep Purple, Diamond Pattern.


During The Mid and Later 1800s Virtually All American Glass Companies Were Using Manganese To a Molten Glass Mixture Of Sand, Potash and Lime In Their Glass Formula.

Around 1915 The Use Of Manganese Was Discontinued and Selenium Became The Chemical Of Choice as a Clarifying & Stabilizing Agent.

So How Was Clear Glass Turned Into Purple Glass? By Exposing The Clear Glass To Ultra-Violet Light, This Initiated an Electron Exchange Between The Manganese and Iron Ions. This Changes The Manganese Compound Into a Form That Causes The Glass To Turn Purple.

Another Way To Turn Your Clear Glass To Purple, Is By Allowing The Radiation From The Sun Which Causes The Manganese To Oxidize. Glass Exposed To Sunlight For a Long Period Of Time Will Turn Purple If It Contains Manganese.

If You Own Old Glass That Has Manganese Do Not Attempt To Turn Your Old Glass To Purple, By Doing So Will Only Devalue The Old Glass.

Item Code - GLA5D375HAE

Width: 5 1/4"  Height: 12 3/4"  Depth: 5 1/4"  Weight: 1.487 kg

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