Apothecary Clear Glass Bottle Container, Used For Crude Drugs, 1800's.

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Apothecary Clear Glass Bottle Container, Used For Crude Drugs, Label Reads, One Pound "Compressed Lozenges," "Pepsin and Charcoal with Magnesia and Ginger," and a List Of What Each Lozenges Contains, Parke, Davis & Co, Detroit, Michigan U.S.A. 1800's.


This Item Is a Piece Of American History, Having an Item From This Very Important Time In The Pharmaceutical Industry, Would Be a Great Piece To Have In any Glass Collection.


         Picture Of Parke Davis Research Laboratory


Parke Davis Research Laboratory, Parke Davis Building #55,
Omni Hotel, Roberts Riverwalk Hotel.


The Parke-Davis and Company Pharmaceutical Plant was home to one of the most important pharmaceutical firms, if not the most important, in America. Parke-Davis both introduced new methods for producing drugs, such as a technique for standardizing doses, and discovered medicines that included the first treatments for diphtheria and epilepsy. These advances and many others occurred on this site about a mile and a half from downtown. The company first moved there in the 1870s to take advantage of convenient transportation provided by a rail line and by the Detroit River, and gradually expanded its holdings to 14 ½ acres. Between 1891 and 1955 the company erected the 26 buildings that still stand; they range from turn-of-the-century brick mill buildings to reinforced concrete structures from after 1920. The most notable was the 1902 pharmaceutical research laboratory, the first structure designed for that purpose in the United States. In 1982 Parke-Davis, now a subsidiary of another firm sold its property to a real estate developer. Today the complex, now known as River Place, has been converted into offices, retail space, residences, and a hotel.

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Width: 3 3/8"  Height: 8 1/2"  Depth: 3 3/8"  Weight: 605 g

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