Canadian One Cent 1899, VF+ Extra Fine.

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Canadian One Cent 1899, VF+ Extra Fine.


Canada became a country by 1867 and this is when the Mature Head version of the Queen Victoria one-cent piece was produced. The first coin issued by the Dominion of Canada was struck that year and the penny was made heavier to be like the British ½ penny. Leonard C. Wyon remained the designer, with the coin consisting of 95% copper, 4% tin and 1% zinc. The weight increased to 5.67 grams. 

During the timeframe of 1858 until 1899, each coin struck for Canada was done so in England by the Royal Mint of London or the Heaton mint located in Birmingham. Coins struck in London would have no mint mark while those done in Birmingham would have an H mint mark. 

One cent coins from this time frame are highly collectible due to imperfections in printing or rarity of the coin, as well as condition and other factors. Having a coin appraised will help to determine the overall value. Whenever you find a new coin from this time frame, have it properly appraised to know it’s true value.

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Width: 1"  Height: 1"  Weight: 6 g

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