Tea Caddy Bronze Body with Scroll Designs & Hand-Painted Glass Panels.

  • $299.99 CAD

Chinese Tea Caddy, Hexagon Bronze Body with Scroll Designs, Each Side Has an Eglomise Reverse Hand-Painted Glass Panel with Figures In a Variety Of Activities, Chinese Characters On The Underside, Chinese Republic Era, The Early 1900s. 


A Tea Caddy is a box, jar, canister, or other receptacle used to store tea. When first introduced to Europe, tea was extremely expensive, and kept under the eye of the mistress of the house, often under lock and key.

Verre Églomisé is a French term referring to the process of applying both a design and gilding onto the rear face of glass to produce a mirror finish. The name is derived from the 18th-century French decorator and art-dealer Jean-Baptiste Glomy, who was responsible for its revival.

Item Code - BRO2B135CG

Width: 5"  Height: 7 1/2"  Depth: 3 1/4"  Weight: 1.342 kg

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